Crafting your

Experience in Italy

We love to create travel experiences as if they were carefully embroidered canvas, where we can juxtapose, emphasise and playfully contrast similar or very diverse emotions.
We do our best to make people feel they lived something unexpectedly enchanting, intriguing and very personal.
A ray of sun lighting Pitigliano a medieval town on tufa rocks situated in maremma tuscany italy


We conceive and compose unique Italian programs where outstanding and prestigious experiences are delightfully blended with more authentic, genuine and lesser known. In collaboration with guests, we always propose ideas for discovering hidden corners, rural roads, and small ancient villages; the undiscovered beauty of Italy.

A ray of sun lighting Pitigliano a medieval town on tufa rocks situated in maremma tuscany italy


Fufluns Ltd, “It’s all about the people!” We will make you feel part of the local community. We tear down all those walls that normally separates tourists from getting to know the locals. You’ll get to listen to anecdotes and stories, but also learn about local customs and way of life from people who have always proudly lived in our regions. Our job is finding the perfect recipe to rejuvenate those romantic magic moments where you will fall in love with the majesty and grace, charm and character of the Italian way life.

culture dettaglio


We plan luxury itineraries to discover the essence of designers, artisans and car companies, renowned for their impeccable style. We will venture behind the scenes and gain insight into the creative genius and quality craftsmanship of these iconic Italian brands. Staying in a deluxe hotel in the heart of the magnificent of Italian Art Cities, there is always the pleasure of attending the opera or musical concerts.

culture dettaglio

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